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Duplicate URLs appearing in chat transcripts included in incidents
Answer ID 6280   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

Why is there a duplicate URL, in parentheses, in the chat transcript following a URL that had been entered in a chat?


Chat, Agent Desktop


When your agents are engaged in chats with customers, it may at times be necessary to add URLs to the chat to direct the customer to useful resources. When the chat is concluded and the transcript is added to an incident, how those URLs appear will depend upon whether your agents are using the rich text thread control or a plain text thread control.

If your agents are using rich text, the URLs will appear as it did when entered in the chat - as a single URL. That URL will be clickable within the incident thread, allowing one to navigate to the page.

If your agents are using the plain text thread control, the URLs will appear to be duplicated. You will see the URL as it was entered first, followed immediately by the same URL in parentheses. Only the second URL will be clickable within the thread entry, allowing you to navigate to the page.

This behavior is as designed in the applicable thread control types.