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Editing Holidays and Service Level Agreements
Answer ID 6266   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

I need to edit a Holiday.  Will this result in the creation of a new version of the associated SLA?


All versions, Holidays, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 


As a best practice we recommend not editing an SLA once the SLA has been applied to a contact, organization, or incident.  This is because edits to an SLA result in the creation of a new version of the SLA but the newest version of the SLA is not automatically applied to contact, organization, or incident records.  That said, please keep the following in mind when editing a Holiday:

- Updating annually-recurring holidays:  When updating an anually-recurring holiday (i.e. New Year's Day), please perform the following steps to prevent the creation of a new version of the associated SLA:

1. Go to: Configuration --> Services --> Holidays
2. Open the Holiday editor
3. Select the holiday in question (i.e. "New Year's Day")
4.  Select the calendar icon and change the date (i.e. from 01/01/2013 to 01/01/2014)
5.  Select "Save"
6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all anually-recurring holidays (NOTE: please ensure "Save" is selected after each holiday modified)

- Adding a holiday to an existing SLA:  If the holiday is added to the response requirements of an existing SLA (that has statistics associated to it), a new version of an SLA will be created.  When this occurs, the original terms of the SLA will still apply to any records that were associated to the SLA prior to the inclusion of the new Holiday.  Therefore, if you wish for the new terms of the SLA to be applied to these records, steps will need to be taken to reassociate the records to the new version of the SLA. The steps to do so can be found in the following answer:  Creating new SLAs rather than modifying existing ones

- Creating a new holiday: When a new holiday is created via the Holiday editor, the SLAs are not affected.  However, if the new holiday is then associated to an existing SLA a new version of the SLA will be created (as is described just above).