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Mailboxes setup - Hosted mailboxes must be enabled for incoming mail
Answer ID 6249   |   Last Review Date 07/23/2021

How do I fix an upgrade error involving service mailboxes that are not enabled for incoming mail?


Mailboxes, Sites upgrading to August 2013 or newer


We require that pop accounts on our servers are enabled for incoming mail in one (and only one) mailbox in the product.

When a mailbox is not enabled for incoming mail:

  • Replies from your customers are not processed and remain on the servers. The long term storage of email messages is not allowed on our infrastructure.  Also, even if it is your business process to not allow customer response by email, when a customer response is received a complimentary message should be returned to the customer suggesting the appropriate support channel.
  • Bounce handling is not performed when a mailbox is not enabled for incoming mail.  This is especially critical with an Outreach mailboxes as ignoring bounces may adversely impact sender reputation resulting in your Outreach communication being blocklisted.