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Chat agent transcript look and feel is not editable via agent.css
Answer ID 6150   |   Last Review Date 06/02/2019

Is the chat agent transcript look and feel able to be modified by the agent.css file?


Chat, All supported versions of the product


The look and feel of the chat agent transcript is not editable through the agent.css.  This is a read-only type of file.  Here is how to view this file:

1.  Navigate to:  Configuration -> Site Configuration -> File Manager

2.  In the "Switch to" drop-down, select the "Chat Agent transcript templates"

3.  Click on the "agent.css" file to view the file only

NOTE:  If you attempt to modify and save this file, you will receive the following:

Error: Unable to open the following file for writing: agent.css

Agents can increase or decrease the font size of the transcript in the chat workspace by using the Ctrl +/- keyboard keys. Beyond this, there is no way to further customize the chat agent transcript. If you have further thoughts regarding this functionality, please submit your input via the Oracle Cloud Customer Connect Idea Lab.

Alternatively, you may also engage with Oracle Consulting for options to edit the agent.css file.