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The 'Workflow forward' transaction in the Audit Log
Answer ID 6075   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Where do I edit the email addresses in the 'Workflow forward' transaction in the Audit Log?


All releases / Audit Log


When reviewing the Audit Log, and you see 'Administrator' listed in the 'Who' column, the action was the result of a business rule or an automatic update by Oracle B2C Service. In order to determine the business rule that was a result of the 'Workflow forward' transaction, you can use the Rule Log.  The Rule log will show which business rules the incident (record) hit on the timestamp shown in the Audit Log for that specific transaction.

For example, review the Audit Log of the incident where there was a 'Workflow forward' transaction that occurred on a specific date and to the specific email address.  When reviewing the Rule Log for that incident reference number, you will notice the business rule the incident hit.  When reviewing the business rules, you will notice the Then action of a specific rule is sending an email to that specific email address.  You can edit the business rule or distribution list as needed.