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Oracle B2C Service Mail Files deprecation begins August 19, 2013
Answer ID 5965   |   Last Review Date 03/06/2019

What do I need to know about the Oracle B2C Service Mail Files deprecation?


PHP Mail Files


UPDATE: File Manager Mail Files (also referred to as ’Mail Scripts’) will become unavailable beginning with Oracle B2C Service 19D. Per the deprecation notice below, these files will continue to be read-only until that point. Upon upgrading to 19D+ message templates will be automatically enabled. Customers are encouraged to complete their migration to Message Templates prior to the feature removal.

How long will I have to move away from mail files?

Oracle B2C Service is announcing the deprecation of mail files. Clients who have customized their mail files can continue to use these files for at least two years from this depreciation announcement. A specific removal date will be added to this notice when removal is scheduled to occur. Until this feature removal date, the mail files will continue to display as read-only so that customers can copy any existing message content into the system-generated notifications and emails, which are now defined by the Message Templates.

This announcement supports the evolution of all contact emails, administrator notifications, and administrator emails to a standard Message Templates designer that allows backward compatibility and seamless updates. Message Templates provide the ability to customize your message content, including headers and footers, instead of making changes to multiple PHP files. Learn more about Message Templates here.

All new sites created on version November 2012 or later will automatically have Message Templates enabled. All sites updated to versions released on or after November 2012 will not be able to make any additional customizations to their existing mail files or create new mail files.  

Actions Required for Existing Sites

  • Existing customers without any mail file customizations should consider moving to Message Templates. Simply modify the global template as needed, deploy your Message Templates and enable the MESSAGE_TEMPLATES_ENABLED configuration setting for your site.
  • Existing customers with mail file customizations should evaluate if those customizations are still necessary, and work to apply similar changes using the Message Templates editor. Customers should target a completion date for this effort no later than the feature removal date.

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or contact your Sales Account Manager.

Why are the PHP mail files being deprecated?

To fulfill our commitment to backward compatibility and seamless updates, Oracle B2C Service is providing a standard product area called Message Templates, which allows for full configuration of service email messages and notifications.

What is the available alternative to mail files?

Previously, customizing the PHP mail files required a developer or Professional Services to complete customizations. Message Templates, the replacement functionality for mail files, provides a graphical user interface leveraging similar features found in Oracle B2C Service Outreach. This creates a system where any administrator can customize mail messages and configure a more update-stable mail message. Additionally, Message Templates are much more flexible than using configuration settings that provide an all-or-nothing experience, such as suppressing custom fields from all messages. Learn more about Message Templates here.

Questions should be directed to your Account Manager or contact your Sales Account Manager.