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Adjusting the font type and style of the survey questions
Answer ID 595   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Can I adjust the font type and style of the survey questions?


Outreach and Feedback, Question and Survey Options


You can customize individual questions to display with a unique format from the rest of your survey.

When you add or edit the question, click the Display Options button in the toolbar and enter the HTML style or class value for the Question text or the Answer text. Then, click OK.

  • HTML Style:  Enter HTML style attributes you want to use for the question or answer text. This allows you to customize the color or font.  For example, you can enter the following:
    color:red, font-weight:bold, font-style:italic
  • HTML Class:  Enter any HTML class attribute you want to assign to the question or answer text.  The class must be defined in a style sheet that is available on your web server.  The style sheet must be linked in the <head> tag of the survey template.

Preview the question to make sure it is displaying the way you want.  Save the question.

To change all questions, go to the Designer Home tab, and choose Survey Options, check the Apply Survey Font box, and make any changes to font family, font size and font color. 

Note: Oracle B2C Service Technical Support staff do not provide support for HTML coding issues. For assistance with HTML issues specific to your site, please consult the Webmaster for your site.

If it is determined that the site customization has resulted in a loss of system functionality, Oracle B2C Service will assist users, without charge, to restore their system to the initial installed configuration. Any additional assistance may, at Oracle B2C Service's discretion, be provided by our Oracle Consulting group subject to standard consulting fees.