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Knowledge foundation tables windows field
Answer ID 5921   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

What do the values in the 'windows' field of the Knowledge Foundation tables mean?


All sites on the November 2011 version or more recent


The following Knowledge Foundation tables were added beginning with the November 2011 version of Oracle RightNow CX:

kf_action_stats - collects detailed statistics on pages and other 'clickstreams' actions
kf_answer_stats - collects detailed statistics on answers
kf_error_stats - collects statistics on errors and preceding 'clickstreams' actions
kf_escalation_sessions - collects statistics on escalations grouped by session type
kf_escalation_stats - collects statistics on escalations from various sources
kf_referrer_stats - collects statistics on referring sites and search queries
kf_sa_log -details of SmartAssistant transaction data (i.e. search text) for joining against rows in the 'clickstreams' table
kf_search_stats - collects detailed statistics on searches
kf_searches - records stemmed searches
kf_smartassistant_stats - collects statistics on SmartAssistant usage
kf_top_item_stats - collects additional statistics on answers and searches

With the exception of the 'kf_sa_logs' and 'kf_searches' tables, each of the abovementioned tables contains a 'windows' field (i.e. kf_action_stats.window) that portrays the aggregation time period.  This field will contain one of the following values:

0 = hourly
1 = daily
2 = monthly
3 = yearly

The data in the Knowledge Foundation tables is aggregated from the 'clickstreams' table by the dataminer utility based on the type of activity for a given time interval per interface.  For more descriptive information on how the data is aggregated, please reference Answer ID 5922: Dataminer aggregation of knowledge foundation tables