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Answers visible with no access levels set for enduser visibility
Answer ID 5894   |   Last Review Date 03/22/2022

With no access levels enabled with enduser visibility, how are customers seeing any answers?


Answers, Access Level, Answer Visibility


If no access levels have the Visible checkbox enabled, users can still view any answer configured with the Help access level by going to the answers/detail/a_id/<a_id> URL.

For example:

For users who are not logged in:

1.  If an answer is configured with any access level other than Help, they will be redirected to the Login screen.
          - After logging in, users will see a "Not Available" message if the user does not have privileged access permissions to view the answer.
          - If the user does have the appropriate permission, they will be able to see the answer.

2.  If an answer is configured with the Help access level (ID=2), users will be able to view the answer--even though the user is not logged in.
          - The Help access level has special functionality to allow this.
          - For more information, refer to Answer ID 412: Using the Help Access Level.

Warning: It is not recommended you ever rename the Help access level.  It will still function as Help access and users will be able to view the answer.

For users who are logged in:

1.  If an answer is not configured with the Help access level, whether the user can access the answer depends on if the user has privileged access to view answers for that access level.

2.  If the answer is configured with the Help access level, then the user can view the answer.