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The format of the Page Peek page is displayed improperly to chat agents
Answer ID 5872   |   Last Review Date 09/27/2018

Why is Page Peek not rendering the proper web page format within an open chat session?


November 2013 and newer versions using Engagement Engine Integration


If the Page Peek information displayed in a chat session does not match the look & feel of the page where the chat was accepted, then you can add the following meta element to your site:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge, 10, 9">

It is important to understand that browser versions may also impact the display of Page Peek information in the chat session, regardless of whether this meta element is in place. If the end-user and the agent are chatting on different browsers, the display of Page Peek information could be impacted. For example: If the end-user is using Firefox and the agent uses Internet Explorer, then the captured HTML may display differently for the agent than what the end-user sees on the webpage. The differences are dependent on the design of the website the end-user is visiting.

Notes on the placement of the meta element:

  • This X-UA-Compatible header is not case sensitive
  • This meta element must appear in the header of the webpage (the HEAD section)
  • Additionally, it should be placed before all other elements, except for the title elements
  • Placing the meta tag on the page more than once would result in "required parameters missing" errors.

For more information about this meta element, please refer to this MSDN Library article: