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Storage Space needed for Custom Deployment Options
Answer ID 5859   |   Last Review Date 06/21/2019

How much server storage space is needed for the Custom Deployment Options?


Releases November 2010 and later
Oracle B2C Service


The storage space need for the Custom Deployment Options varies depending on a number of factors including the deployment option being considered. Below are some guidelines to assist in determining the space requirements.

For the Shared Network Location (SNL) and Custom Deployment Location (CDL):

The initial installation of the application will require at least 300MB but will grow as Maintenance Packs are applied*. It is suggested that at least 1GB of storage be reserved for the CDL and SNL.

For the User Files Location (UFL):

With the initial login, each agent, with no add-ins, will use about 10 MB of storage. Depending on add-ins and file attachment, the space requirement for each agent can grow to 80 to 100 MB. As with the SNL and CDL, the space requirement will increase as Maintenance Packs are applied*. It is suggested that at least 500 MB of storage per agent be reserved for the Oracle B2C Service application.


- *The Oracle B2C Service application, by design, creates a new version folder numbered for each update or Maintenance Pack that is applied to a site. By design the application will keep the last four version folders. Including the current version folder 5 total version folders can be in the CDL location.

- The above  information also applies to single use agents on a per workstation bases when the CDT and or UFL is not used. Expect the initial users folder to around 300 MB and the those can grow as noted above.