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Migrating custom models to Customer Portal Framework version 3.x.x
Answer ID 5852   |   Last Review Date 10/29/2021

How do we troubleshoot these types of errors upon migrating to the Customer Portal framework version 3?


Customer Portal framework version 3.x.x


Error received:

Fatal error: Class 'Model' not found in /cgi-bin/<interface>.cfg/scripts/cp/customer/development/models/custom/<custom_model>.php on line <#>


There is a code change required for custom models in migrating to the version 3 Customer Portal framework. Following the steps outlined below will void the warranty of custom files that have been delivered by Oracle RightNow and is not suggested. If your customized model(s) have been delivered by the Oracle RightNow Consulting team, please engage Managed Services to migrate your site to the version 3.x.x framework.

If you have developed and implemented your own custom models and are receiving this error, please review the "Namespacing custom models" section of the Migration Guide: Customer Portal Framework Version 3.0.

It is likely that your current custom model contains a line like the following:

class Sample_model extends Model { ...

The new namespacing conventions require the above line to be amended:

namespace Custom\Models;
class Sample_model extends \RightNow\Models\Base { ...