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Determining changes made to Configuration Settings, Message Bases and File Manager
Answer ID 585   |   Last Review Date 11/17/2021

How can I tell who has modified our Configuration Settings, Message Bases and File Manager?


Configuration Settings, Message Bases, File Manager


Within the Configuration Settings and Message Base editors, an Audit Log is available from the top ribbon.

The purpose of the log file is to maintain a record of changes made which can aid in troubleshooting issues should they arise. Since the log file is a running record of changes to your configuration settings, you cannot manually change the contents of the log file.

Once the Audit Log is generated from the ribbon, you have the ability to see who and when a setting was changed along with the old and new values set. You also have search options such as date range of change, who and the Key.

The File Manager also includes a log file so that you can determine which files have been modified by staff members and when.

The log file in the File Manager includes the following pieces of information:

  • file name that has been edited
  • the staff member (User) who edited the file
  • the IP Address from which the file was edited
  • the date and time
  • the type of change made -- edit, upload, or copy or restore
  • any comments added when the action occurred

To access the log file, you must first access the File Manager. Then, select Log File from the Switch to drop-down menu. You can send the log file to a specific email address or download the file in .csv or .html format.