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Removing the Answer rating question
Answer ID 577   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How do I remove the Answer rating question that appears at the bottom of the Answer (Was this answer helpful?)?


Customer Portal, Answer Feedback Rating


In Customer Portal, edit the answers/detail.php file and remove one of the following widgets depending on your Customer Portal framework version.

For Customer Portal framework 3, remove the AnswerFeedback widget:

<rn:widget path="standard/feedback/AnswerFeedback" />

For Customer Portal framework 2, remove the AnswerFeedback2 widget:

<rn:widget path="standard/feedback/AnswerFeedback2"  />

For Mobile pages, November 2009 and later releases, remove the MobileAnswerFeedback widget:

         <rn:widget path="standard/feedback/MobileAnswerFeedback"  />

For August 2009 and previous releases, remove the FeedbackForm widget:

<rn:widget path="standard/forms/FeedbackForm" threshold="3" rating="true" />