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Can we pre-install the Service Cloud application?
Answer ID 5764   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

Can we pre-install the Service Cloud application on workstations or VMs (Virtual Machines/Desktops) since our agents roam (Roaming Windows Profiles)?


All supported versions


It is not possible to pre-install the Oracle B2C Service application for roaming agents, profiles, Virtual Machines, or Desktops.

The Oracle B2C Service application is deployed via Microsoft's ClickOnce Technology. Applications deployed via the ClickOnce mechanism are specific to the user and by default all application components are deployed into the users Windows Profile. Admin staff can not pre-deploy a ClickOnce application for users. The user must start the deployment process under their Windows login.

In a roaming profile environment, please consider using the Custom Deployment Options. Details on the use and configuration of the Custom Deployment Options is available in the Deployment Guide for your specific version of the Service Cloud application. 

For more information Oracle B2C Service, see Answer ID 7817: Service Cloud Application Deployment and Deployment Options Overview