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Oracle Service Cloud Maintenance FAQs
Answer ID 5722   |   Last Review Date 02/23/2020

What do I need to know about the maintenance windows for my Oracle Service Cloud site?


Maintenance windows
Oracle Service Cloud


Below are Frequently Asked Questions for End-Users regarding open scheduled change windows to update the Management Framework of the Oracle Service Cloud platform.

What are maintenance windows and why are they required?

Maintenance windows are a declared time window to conduct infrastructural updates within the Oracle Cloud Computing environment. Maintenance executed during this time is intended to improve the overall stability through enhancing the below areas:

  • Replace end of life hardware
  • Resolve infrastructure software defects
  • Upgrade hardware/network infrastructure
  • Deploy new service technologies
  • Update infrastructure security

When do maintenance windows occur?

Maintenance windows can potentially occur any Friday at 21:00 local data center time. Each time period has been confirmed to have low traffic volumes for both agents and end-users. If possible, specific times will be provided in maintenance window notifications.

Are the days/times of the outages negotiable?

They are not negotiable. These times have been identified as low traffic volume time periods. Due to the shared cloud nature of the product, maintenance executed may not be site specific but rather cloud wide.

What service/product impacts can I expect during a maintenance window?

Due to the redundancy of the cloud environment most maintenance events will have little to no visible impact to the CX product or its services. Maintenance can often be executed on the slave/secondary resource and then failed over to work on the prior master/primary resource.

How will I know if a maintenance window is anticipated to cause service/product impact?

The Oracle Cloud Operations team will make every effort to send communications 1 week prior to every maintenance window to detail what the customer/agent impact may be during the upcoming maintenance window. If any services are anticipated to be impacted, the proactive notification will attempt to detail what specific services will be affected and the anticipated duration.

Users can also log into VCIO to review upcoming maintenance windows. For more information on accessing VCIO, refer to Answer ID 5296: Accessing Oracle Service Cloud VCIO Cloud Service.

What if the experience observed during a maintenance window is different than the one originally communicated?

During a maintenance window, all applicable subject matter experts are present making the necessary environmental changes. In addition, very specific deployment schedules will be followed. If the experienced impact of the maintenance window deviates from the originally anticipated impact, then the Oracle Cloud Operations team will send additional VCIO notifications to provide additional updates throughout the event.

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