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Changing the text on the tabs and the Support Home page
Answer ID 571   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

Can I change the text on the tabs of our end-user pages or the headings on the Support Home page?


Customer Portal (CP)


You can edit the text of the tabs used to navigate through the end-user pages. By editing appropriate message bases, you can customize your end-pages to meet your specific needs.

Note: For more information on editing message bases, refer to Answer ID 383: Determining Which Message Base to Edit.

In the default Customer Portal files, the .php files include references to message bases so that staff can edit the text displayed on the page by editing the message bases instead of editing the .php file directly.

Navigation buttons:  The navigation buttons are defined in two templates (rn_standard.php and rn_standard_account.php) using the NavigationTab widget. Within the widget, the label attribute calls out a specific RightNow message base. For the Support Home tab, the widget refers to the SUPPORT_HOME_TAB_HDG message base:

<rn:widget path="standard/navigation/NavigationTab" label="#rn:msg:SUPPORT_HOME_TAB_HDG#" link="/app/home" pages="home, " css_class="selected"/>

To edit the Support Home label in the navigation button, you can edit the message base or you can edit the template and replace the reference to the message base with the specific text to display.

By default, the message bases below are used for the navigation buttons in the templates:


Content on Support Home Page:  By default, the home.php file defines the content of the Support Home page. The home.php file includes many references to RightNow message bases so that staff can modify the message base without having to edit the home.php file itself.

For example, the Most Popular Answers section begins with references to two message bases:


To determine which message base to edit, open the message base editor using the path: Common Configuration > System Configuration > Message Bases > RightNow.  Then, enter a word or phrase from the text string on the Support Home page and search for message bases that contain that word or phrase.