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Disable learned links in RelatedAnswers2 widget
Answer ID 5632   |   Last Review Date 08/21/2019

Is it possible to disable learned links from the RelatedAnswer2 widget but still show manually created links?


Answers, Learned links, Manually related links, Customer Portal


The RelatedAnswers2 widget is designed to show both the manually related links and learned links. The logic behind displaying links works this way:

It will first grab all manually related answers and then any learned link answers if size permits.

The answer size is the 'limit' attribute passed to the RelatedAnswers2 widget. Please refer to the widget documentation to get more details on this widget. You can also access the Widgets page of the Customer Portal Administration site by typing https://<your_site>/ci/tags/widgets in your web browser. You must log in with your username and password to access this page.

Now if you would like to display only the manually related answers, there are two possible workaround options:

1. Assuming we have 2 manually related links to each answer we can set limit on RelatedAnswers2 widget to 2 which will make sure only the manual links will be displayed.

2. Add a custom widget similar to RelatedAnswers2 which excludes learned links. Learned link answers do not have a static_strength set in the links table. So to preserve manually related linked answers and block learned link answers, build a custom widget that queries the links table and filters on static_strength column where the value is greater than 0. 


If you need help building a custom widget, our Oracle Consulting team is able to provide consultation and customization for a standard consulting fee. Technical Support is happy to help trouble shoot break/fix issues within our product but our Oracle Consulting team is better suited to help you with your request.

Our Oracle Consulting team is able to provide consultation and customization for a standard consulting fee.

For US customers:
If you are interested in a Consulting engagement, submit your request to Ask-OracleConsulting letting them know you need to discuss purchasing a Managed Services contract or Remote Product Coaching to help with your consulting needs.

For customers outside the US please contact your sales account manager for purchasing Managed Services or remote coaching hours.

Alternatively, Oracle Cloud Customer Connect community is a valuable resource that is available to our customers.  The Forums are a meeting place where you can go to discuss general product usage with other Oracle B2C Service users.  Oracle B2C Service staff from various departments also frequent these forums, and often participate in the discussions.