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Does an end-user viewing the same Answer multiple times within the same session count as the same view?
Answer ID 5605   |   Last Review Date 09/23/2018

When an end-user views the same Answer ID within the same session, is that reported as a separate count by the sessions_summary table?


Answers, End-user pages, sessions summary


Every time an end-user views an Answer it is counted as one view. It should not matter that it is during the same session. Each view will be listed in the sessions_summary table as separate counts.

As per Answer ID 569: Using the Service Summary Report, the definition of Answer Viewed is as follows -

Answers Viewed:The total number of times Answers were viewed. This represents the number of Answer pages viewed. That is, if only one Answer was selected, but it was viewed ten times, the Answers Viewed value would be ten.