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Users not appearing in assignment list
Answer ID 5495   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why are some users available in the Assignment List for an incident, while others are not?


Accounts, Workspace Rules, Staff Accounts


One reason that some users are missing from assignment could be due to a workspace rule. To review your workspace rules, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Configuration items, select Application Appearance > Workspaces / Workflows.
  2. Double-click on the workspace in question
  3. Click on the Assigned field in the workspace
  4. In the workspace ribbon, click on the Rules button
  5. Click the drop down arrow next to the 'Filter List' button
  6. Select 'Rules that reference this object'
  7. Check to see if any rules are restricting accounts from being assigned

Another reason may be the account(s) not appearing have been disabled for assignment.  To check this, use these steps:

  1. Configuration > Staff Management > Staff Accounts by Profile report
  2. Open the affected account for edit
  3. Check the value of the "Disabled" field
  4. Save changes if needed