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Creating a report that counts recent incidents with the same subject
Answer ID 5475   |   Last Review Date 11/26/2019

How do I create a report that helps identify email loops by counting duplicate incidents?


All versions.


For help creating a basic report please refer to Answer ID 2509: Creating a basic custom report.

1. Create a standard report with the following columns:

Heading: Contact Email

Heading: Subject
Expression: incidents.subject

Heading: Count
Expression: count(*)

2. Sort the Count column descending.

3. Create the following report filters:

Name: Created
Expression: incidents.created
Operator: greater than
Value: -7 days relative

Name: From Techmail
Expression: incidents.source_heirarchy
Operator: in list
Value: Utilities->Techmail - Service Mailbox and Techmail - Outreach Mailbox
Uncheck Make this filter selectable at run time

4. Create the following group filter:

Click Level in the ribbon and then Add Group Filter.
Name: Count > 20
Expression: count(*)
Operator: greater than
Value: 20

5. Preview the report and adjust the "Created" filter so that the report runs without queuing.  Apply the new filter values and save the report

Note that you should not use the replication server for this report because it should report up-to-date results.