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Read Logging
Answer ID 5421   |   Last Review Date 06/28/2021

What is Read Logging? 


November 2012 and newer releases, Incident Read Logging
August 2018 and newer releases, Contact Read Logging


Read Logging functionality allows you to track every time an incident or contact is viewed in the console.  Each time an incident or contact is viewed (aka “read”) a new transaction log record will be added to the transactions table.

These transactions will not appear in the respective workspace Audit Log by default. To view these audit records, the ‘Show Read Transactions’ attribute will need to be checked for all Incident and/or Contact Workspaces that are used.  This Design option appears after the read logging configuration for the instance is set on.


Once the ‘Show Read Transactions’ design item is checked in the appropriate workspace, when incidents or contacts are viewed, an entry appears on the Audit Log tab.

Note, when the feature is enabled, all new reads are recorded.  And, if disabled, new reads are no longer recorded in the transaction table, but any prior transactions remain.

To enable this functionality in versions 20D and later, navigate to Configuration > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings and enable the appropriate configuration setting:


If you would like to enable either of these functionalities in versions prior to 20D, please submit a service request to Ask Technical Support.

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