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Spell check does not check the answer content, just the notes tab
Answer ID 5348   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

Why doesn't Spell Check check the answer content?  It only checks content on the Notes tab.


Answers, Workspaces
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


To resolve this issue, use the steps below to enable Spell Check functionality for the answer content area within the workspace being used:

- First, identify the Answer workspace associated to the profile of the affected agent(s).
1. Go to Configuration > Application Appearance > Workspaces to locate that workspace
2. Open this for editing
3. Click anywhere within the Content tab so the text area is highlighted
4. Select the Design tab
5. Enable the check box next to "Spell Check" in the Options section
6. Save and Close
7. Create a new answer to test results.
          Note: You may need to refresh prior to testing by selecting File > Options > View Options > Cancel.  This will update the workspace to use the newly edited option.  Logging out and back into the console will also update options.

If using the standard Answer workspace, you will first need to make a copy.  Then, edit the copied workspace and associate that to the profile.  For steps on associating workspaces to profiles, refer to Answer ID 2451: Assigning workspaces to staff profiles.


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