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Contacts are being created from the end-user pages without required fields information
Answer ID 5327   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How are contacts being created without filling out the required fields?


November 2011 and newer releases, Contacts, Logins


If contacts are being created from the end-user pages without the required fields information, you will want to check your mobile page set to see if you are requiring the same fields as you are on the standard Customer Portal pages.

You are able to review your mobile page set by going to the ci/admin pages and following the detailed steps provided below:

1.  Go to the ci/admin pages at <vhostname>/ci/admin.
2.  Click on 'Set Environment'.
3.  Leave the site mode as 'Production'.
4.  Select 'mobile' for the page set.
5.  Uncheck "Allow my current browser / user agent to be the deciding factor (useful for testing your user agent configurations)".
6.  Click 'Set viewing mode and view the site".