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Failure in sending a quote
Answer ID 5321   |   Last Review Date 12/30/2018

Why am I seeing a Failure transaction when trying to send a quote through an opportunity?


Opportunities, Quotes


If the Send Quote message type is not enabled for the interface you are trying to send a quote from, a quote will not be able to be sent. This will cause a Failure transaction to appear in the Audit Log of the opportunity.

To enable the Send Quote message:

1. Go to Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Templates
        (Note: Where Message Templates are not enabled, message types are found under Site Configuration > Interfaces)

2. Select the interface you would like to edit and click on Contact Emails from the Ribbon.

3. Select Opportunity Tracking and, for the Send Quote message type, check the Send checkbox and the HTML checkbox if you would like the message to be sent with HTML.

4. Select Deploy and then Save & Close