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Automatic Daylight Savings changes for SLA
Answer ID 5316   |   Last Review Date 07/09/2019

Do we need to adjust SLAs when daylight savings occurs?


Service Level Agreements, SLA, TZ_INTERFACE, Time zone
Oracle B2C Service


Service Level Agreements (SLA) do not need to be updated due to daylight savings. The product handles time changes for timezones where daylight savings time or summer time changes occur.

However, the SLAs are not automatically changed for time zone settings (such as GMT-7) as those time zone settings do not take seasonal changes into account.

If your location changes time seasonally you must use a named timezone which take seasonal changes into account.

Examples of seasonally changing time zone values:
New York City, USA  EST5EDT
Houston, USA  CST6CD
Denver, USA  MST7MDT
Los Angeles, USA  PST8PDT
Munich, Germany  Europe/Berlin
Hong Kong, China  Asia/Hong_Kong
Perth, Australia  Australia/Perth
Sydney, Australia  Australia/Sydney
Santiago, Chile  America/Santiago
Tel Aviv, Israel  Israel

We do not recommend using a GMT+- timezone if you have seasonal changes dues to daylight savings or summer time. If we get a request to change from GMT+1 to GMT+2 for a seasonal change we will ask that you change to a named timezone instead. After a change of the TZ_INTERFACE configuration value (a hidden setting) you may have to reapply your SLAs.

For more information and how to request a setting change, refer to Answer ID 605: Setting the time zone in Oracle B2C Service. This answer also discusses additional considerations to take into account when thinking about a time zone change.

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