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Finding records with duplicate logins
Answer ID 5305   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

How do I find a record that duplicates a login?


All Versions of Oracle B2C Service, Analytics, Contacts


To find the original record it is necessary to create a custom report.

  1. Open the Reports Explorer and select New Report in the ribbon.
  2. Select Standard Report.
  3. Add the following columns:
    contacts.first_name, and
  4. Add an open action to the rows.  Click Display > Links and check Open.
  5. Add a filter on 
    Click Home > Filters > add Filter.
    Enter "Login" in the Name textbox, and enter "contacts.login" in the expression textbox.
    Select "Complex Expression" for the Operator and leave the Value field blank.
    Check "Make this filter selectable at run time" checkbox.
  6. Save the report in the Public Reports folder.
  7. Open the report and enter a portion of the original login such as "first.last@" to find "".

Note: You can change the filter in Step 5 to “%.0002” to find any contacts that had this occur twice and thus have three records associated.


When a contact is created via an automated process and a duplicate login is found, the system appends ".0001" to the login of the new contact record.

If it is desired that the contact use the original login with the new contact record, the original contact record must be found and edited.

For information on creating a custom report, refer to Answer ID 2509: Creating a basic custom report.