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Object Reference error received when refeshing an incident
Answer ID 5264   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

When editing an incident, why do we receive an Object Reference error when hitting Refresh? This locks up the console.


Incidents / Workspaces / Agent Scripting


One possible option for why this can occur is if the workspace being used calls an Agent Script that has been deleted. To resolve this, edit the affected workspace and click through any tabs calling an Agent Script. The tab referencing an invalid script will display the following message:

This script is no longer available.
Please contact your System Administrator to update the workspace.

Click into the tab area and select the Design tab from the top ribbon. Under Options - Script, select a valid script to reference.

Alternatively, the tab can be removed from the workspace by right clicking on the tab and selecting Delete.

Once saved, the error will no longer occur.