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Adding URL links to the Links button within a workspace ribbon
Answer ID 5254   |   Last Review Date 11/03/2022

Can I add links within the ribbon of a workspace?


Administration / Workspaces
Oracle B2C Service  .NET console


The Links button is added to the ribbon in the same manner as other ribbon buttons. However, this button has unique functionality. You can edit the Links button to create a menu of links to URLs. When staff members click the Links button drop-down menu, they will see the list of links you defined. Selecting one of the links takes them to the specified URL.

To add a link to the Links button:

1.  Click the Links button (either on the ribbon preview or in the item list). Refer to Customizing ribbon content for the procedure to add buttons to the ribbon.

2.  Click the Edit Button button to open the Edit Links window.

3.  Select the size of the Links button from the Button Size drop-down menu.

4.  Select whether to display the button with an icon and text or only an icon from the Button Style drop-down menu.

5.  Right-click in the white space of the link browse tree and select Add Link.

6.  Type the name of the link (what staff members will see on the menu) in the Label field.

7.  Type the URL in the URL field that will open when staff members click the link.

8.  Click OK out of Edit Links window and OK out of Ribbon Designer and Save changes to the workspace.

To remove a link:

1.  To remove a link, right-click the link you want to remove and select Remove Link.

To add a folder or separator to the Links button:

1.  To add a folder, right-click in the white space of the link browse tree and select Add Folder.

      a.  Type the name of the folder in the Label field.

2.  To add a separator, right-click the link browse tree and select Add Separator.

3.  Click the OK button to save the changes to the Links button.


If the options to add a link, folder or separator do not appear as expected when right-clicking in the white space, you may need to first expand the Edit Links window.


For additional information, refer to the 'Set a link to a URL on the Links button' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.