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What table holds a contact's password data?
Answer ID 5205   |   Last Review Date 08/14/2019

How would we create a query to grab customer records that have a password entered for access to the end user pages?


Analytics, Contact Passwords


Due to security purposes, it is not possible to report on the Contacts password field with standard product functionality.

However, the Oracle Consulting team may be able to assist you in developing a workaround that will provide the data you are looking for. If you are interested in a Oracle Consulting engagement, please contact your Sales Account Manager.

Alternatively, the General Functional Discussions for Service Forum is a valuable resource that is available to our customers.  The Forum is a meeting place where you can go to discuss general product usage with other Oracle B2C Service users.  Oracle staff from various departments also frequent these forums, and often participate in the discussions.  

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