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Report on customer entry type
Answer ID 5204   |   Last Review Date 08/14/2019

How do I get "Customer Entry-Email" on a report?


Analytics, Channel ID


In the database, the Channel ID is stored as a seperate field than the Thread type.

In order to report on the Thread Type and Channel Type ID, for example, "Customer Entry - Email", you will need two filters (columns?).

  1. One for the thread.entry_type. Some examples of entry types are "Customer Proxy",  "Chat", "Staff Account", etc....
  2. The other for channel.chan_type_id. Some examples of channel type ID are Email, Phone, Fax, etc...


If you require additional assistance creating a custom reports, please request an Oracle Consulting engagement via your Sales Account Manager.

Alternatively, the Reporting and Analytics for Service Forum is a valuable resource that is available to our customers.  The Forum allows you to network and collaborate with other users, partners and staff.  See solutions posted by others or post your own questions for assistance.