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Making different products visible for different agent types
Answer ID 5145   |   Last Review Date 10/25/2019

Can I make it so chat agents see different products than email agents?


Workspace Rules


It is possible to limit which products are available for certain agent profiles by setting up workspace rules. 

Below is an example of how to set up this type of workspace rule.

1. On the open workspace, click the Home tab and click the Rules button to open the Rules window.

2. Click the Add Rule button to open the Rule Wizard.

3. Select one or more triggers that will cause the rule to fire. For example, add "The editor loads".

4. Click the Conditions button to add conditions that determine whether the triggering event will result in an action. For example, add "The logged in account's profile has a certain value".

5. Click the Then Actions button to define the actions that should occur if the conditions are met. For example, add "Set menu field to exclude menu items" or "Set menu field to include menu items". This will allow you to exclude/include products that you don't want certain agents to see.

6. Click the Properties button and type the name of the rule in the Rule Name field.

7. Click the Finish button to save the rule.

For more information on setting up workspace rules, refer to the documentation for your version. Answer ID 5168: Documentation for Oracle RightNow CX Products


In this example, each agent type (chat, email) will need a separate profile.