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Facebook app not visible to users who do not have Admin status
Answer ID 5128   |   Last Review Date 04/03/2019

Why isn't our Self Service for Facebook app visible on our Fan Page to users who do not have an Admin status?


Self Service for Facebook
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Please make sure that you have already added your Self Service for Facebook app as a Page Tab to your fan page as explained in Answer 4193: Configuring Self Service for Facebook.

If after you have added the Page Tab to your Fan Page and it is still not displaying, remove the Self Service for Facebook application from your Fan Page and re-add it.

1. Log into Facebook as an administrator of the Fan Page.
2. In the Admin Panel of the Fan page, click on Edit Page > Edit Info
3. On the left hand side navigation links, click on Apps
4. You will now see a list of Apps which have been Added to your Fan Page.
5. Find your CX for Facebook App and click on the X to remove.
6. Re-add the CX for Facebook App to your Fan Page as explained in the Answer link above.


This is due to a Facebook issue and not related to Oracle B2C Service for Facebook.