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Guided Assistance 4,000 byte limit on steps
Answer ID 5084   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

Is it possible to extend the 4,000 byte limit on steps for Guided Assistance?


Guided Assistance


It is not possible to extend the 4,000 byte limit. This limit is hard coded into the product. Our development team has set this limit so that memory can flow at the highest level of operational efficiency.

The limit applies to both questions and answers in Guided Assistance.  At the database level, the content of questions and answers are stored in a database table named 'labels', and that table has a length limit of 4000 bytes on its column. As such, questions and answers can not have more than 4000 bytes of content.

When images are used in an answer / question, the image itself is stored as a file on our server, and referenced via html <a> tag in answer / question content.  Although the image itself may be very large, in the question / answers, it's reference will be something like <a href='.../image.jpg'>, so it will not exceed the 4000 byte limit.