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Handling chat requests from multiple interfaces
Answer ID 497   |   Last Review Date 07/30/2019

Can a chat agent answer chat requests from multiple interfaces?


B2C Service Chat, Chat Routing
Oracle B2C Service


The Oracle B2C Service application does offer the functionality to allow agents logged into one interface to accept chats coming from endusers on different interfaces.  This gives the agents the ability to service multiple interfaces.   

The use of B2C Service Chat allows multiple interfaces to integrate very easily.  Chat routing rules and chat queues become solely responsible for routing chats with B2C Service Chat.  By default, an agent logged into chat will have the capability of accepting chats coming from multiple interfaces.   By default all enduser chat requests, regardless of interface source, will be routed into the Chat Default Queue.  As long as the chat agents have profile permissions to accept chats from this queue, they will have the ability to accept chats from any interface.

If you do wish to keep chats separated according to interface then the use of chat rules and chat queues will grant this functionality.  A chat queue will need to be created for each interface.  From the chat rules you can then separate the chats into the newly created chat queues according to their interface source.  The chat rule example shown below will route all chats coming from Interface A into Queue A.

Chat Rule:
If:  Incident.Interface = Interface A
Then:  Assign Chat Queue = Queue A

For more information on routing chats, refer to the online documentation for Chat for Agents, Supervisors, and Customers and Configuring Advanced Routing for Chat.