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Generic Contact records for Oracle B2C Service Support
Answer ID 4943   |   Last Review Date 03/10/2022

Why are generic contact records not allowed for Oracle B2C Service Support?


The Oracle B2C Service Support Pages located at


A generic support contact record with privileges to submit incidents to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support is not allowed for security purposes. Our team needs to validate that who they are speaking with has been authorized to receive information about your customer's data. Please refer to Answer ID 2543: Contacting Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Services for the Technical Support Services Document which will describe only a few of the laws we must comply with for customer data. Using a generic contact will result in no service for security reasons or degraded service.

Aside from the security issue: using a generic contact will prevent Technical Support from providing effective support for your technical issues. Each designated support contact must have an individual email address and phone number. This allows Technical Support to contact the individual to assist in troubleshooting. Shared generic email distribution addresses prolong or prevent this communication from happening.

If you need a distribution list to be notified on your end, please set that up in your mail server with rules to forward items from to their internal distribution list. When we find these, we will notify the generic contact that individuals with correct (named emails at the company domain) email addresses and phone numbers must be set up for the named contacts and the generic contact must be decommissioned. We will disable generic contacts if they continue to be used after we notify.