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Incoming chat sessions are coming in as anonymous@anonymous
Answer ID 4886   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why is the email field for incoming chat sessions populated with anonymous@anonymous?


Chat, PTA, SSL


Chat sessions are assigned an anonymous@anonymous or anonymous@anonymous.invalid email address when the Pass Through Authentication (PTA) link to the Oracle RightNow end-user page sets HTTPS access and End-user SSL is not enabled for the interface. The chat launch link will shift to HTTP access when End-user SSL is not enabled which causes the parameters to get lost and the email address will assume the default address.


There are two options that correct this issue:

Option 1:  Enable end-user SSL

Option 2:  Change PTA access for URL from HTTPS to HTTP

Please submit a service request to Ask Technical Support if you would like to go with Option 1 because a change needs to be made on our end.


This issue can occur when accessing chat from the end-user pages.

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