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People not receiving scheduled reports
Answer ID 485   |   Last Review Date 03/19/2019

I am not receiving any reports subscribed to via email. What can I do to fix this?


Scheduled Reports
Oracle B2C Service


If recipients are not receiving scheduled reports, verify the following features and configuration:

  1. Verify the schedule is still set on the report. A schedule will be deleted if the Run report as option in the schedule is set to a staff account which has been deleted. If an account was not recently deleted, the rntaccess account may have been used for this option. This is a system-defined account used by Technical Support that is added and deleted frequently during troubleshooting. For this reason, the rntaccess account should not be used for this option in the schedule. For more information on the rntaccess account, refer to Answer ID 9505: RNTaccess account.
  2. In the Staff Accounts table, verify that the correct email is listed in the staff record. Note: Only one email address should be configured in the staff account if the configuration setting RPT_FROM_ADDR is set to value 2.  If there are two email addresses, the report will not be sent.

  3. Verify that there is a deafult service mailbox that is enabled for outbound.
  4. Verify that the report subscription includes the staff member's name, email address, or work group. 
  5. For the report subscription, verify that the time frame you have requested is listed correctly. 
  6. If you have subscribed to a custom report, ensure that the report has not been removed and that the name of the report has not been changed. 
  7. Verify that your internal mail security for your organization is not rejecting or deleting the subscription notifications automatically. If the From Address on the Report-Subscription email has the same domain as the recipient's email address, the message may be interpreted as a possible spoof and therefore deleted.

    To test this, edit the scheduled report and include an email that is outside of your domain, such as a home, personal email address. If you receive the subscription at the email address outside your company's domain, then you should edit the RPT_FROM_ADDR configuration setting to use the default mailbox setting. For more information on spoofed email addresses, refer to Answer ID 2245: Scheduled reports and forwarded incidents are getting blocked
  8. Verify that reportgen-si is running for your application. To view the utility stats, click the My Site Tool from the Oracle Support Site, verify your credentials and then click Utility Stats under the Hosting Services section.  For the database of interest, click the reportgen-si link under the Utilities heading. The run date at the top of the list indicates when the utility last ran and if there were any problems encountered.
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