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Error when associating too many rules with a workspace
Answer ID 4811   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

What is the cause of a 'data ptr bound with non-NULL indicator' error when adding workspace rules?


Workspaces, Workspace Rules, Fields


We encounter an error when we try and create workspace rules or add items within a given workspace.  Related errors to these actions are:

"An Error has occurred. Data ptr bound with non-NULL indicator"


"This workspace is too large to be saved successfully. Remove some controls or fields to reduce the size and complexity of this workspace."


These errors are displayed when you have reached a limit of 1MB for the total size of the XML that can be contained in workspace.

To resolve this, remove a few fields or tabs.  You will then be able to make necessary changes. If you remove some rules, you can add more fields. Unfortunately, there is not way around this limit without optimizing your environment to keep under the 1MB limit.