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Interface specific variables and Chat
Answer ID 4746   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2018

How can we use variables, with unique interface values, in chat standard text?


Chat, Variables


When using variables within a chat thread, the variable will return the value from the interface the agent is logged into. During a chat, the interface the end-user requested the chat from is not taken into consideration.

For example:

1. End-user requests a chat from Interface 1 end-user pages

2. Chat agent that accepts the chat is logged into Interface 2

3. Chat agent inserts a variable into the chat thread. For Interface 1 the variable has a value of  'Value1' and for Interface 2 the variable has a value of  'Value2'

4. The variable returned the value 'Value2' to end-user


In order for the agents to login to one interface and handle chats from multiple interfaces, I would recommend creating unique standard texts for each interface This will allow agents to relay the correct interface information and only be logged into the one interface.

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