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Applying a copy of a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Answer ID 4736   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

How to attribute the correct SLA to incoming incidents, since we have several copies of some?


SLAs, Incidents
Oracle B2C Service


Once a Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been modified and applied to records, and then changed, it creates a historical copy of itself. It is not possible to apply a previous copy of an SLA to a record. Therefore, if the current SLA copy does not contain the response requirements you would like, you'll want to create and apply a new SLA. NOTE: It is recommended to create a new SLA rather than editing an existing one.

For newly created incidents, you can only apply the currently active copy of an SLA. So, here again, rather than editing an existing SLA, you may want to create a new one (with a unique name) to include updated response requirements. You can then modify your rules to apply the newly created SLA for incoming records.

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