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Enabling some agents to handle more chats than others within the same profile
Answer ID 4685   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How do I enable some agents to handle more chats than others within the same profile?


Chat-enabled Profiles
Account Options - Incoming Chat Assignment Control


Since profiles are designed to group accounts according to functionality, it is generally not advisable to have different accounts in the same profile using a different maximum chat session value.  However, there is a way to accomplish this functionality using the same profile:

  1. Open the profile configuration
  2. Go to the service tab
  3. Scroll down to checkbox
  4. Select the Set Max Sessions checkbox
  5. Save the profile
  6. The accounts on that profile now have the option to set their own Max Sessions value when navigating to the following location:

    A. Application button (upper left corner, round button)
    B. RightNow CX Options
    C. Communication Center
    D. Incoming Chat Assignment Control
    E. Modify the number of Maximum Chat Sessions
    F. Click OK


Many of our customers do not wish to give this control over to agents.  It is possible that these option changes could be made by an administrator logging in with their accounts, however the possibility exists for agents to locate this configuration on their own and adjust it in a way that is not in alignment with your best business process.  A better solution is to copy the profile, then split the accounts on each of the two profiles according to the number of maximum chats you want those agents to handle at a given time.