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Search for dashed Social Security Numbers is returning unrelated incidents
Answer ID 4633   |   Last Review Date 08/14/2019

Is there a standard report that I can use to search for incidents containing Social Security Numbers that use dashes?




By design, the standard 'Incidents' report (ID 120) incident search does not narrow search results to only incidents containing Social Security Numbers (SSN's) with dashes. As designed, this report uses stemming and will break apart your alphanumeric Serial Number into pieces. Because standard reports employ stemming, no standard report will deliver a list of exact matches of dashed Social Security Number search results. Many of the incidents that return as results in this report do not contain the submitted string, and only include similar (stemmed search) strings.

In order to create a custom report that will isolate only the results that exactly match the entire SSN search string including the two dashes, you will need to:

  1. Make a copy of Incidents report 120
  2. Add a new runtime filter such as:



Select AND (match ALL terms)

Please see the attached screen capture document for an illustration. The Incidents.search_and_or filter will require that all of the pieces are exact matches, and should reduce your search results to only the exact SSN match in most cases.

The following answers describe the stemming factor in greater detail:

Answer ID 2252: Using the incidents.search_thread column in reports

Answer ID 1974: Difference between searching on Subject or SummaryThread


The Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is a great resource for finding the answers to your custom reporting questions. In the community, you can read what others have posted regarding the capabilities of custom reporting. If you can't find your answer, you can post a question. The Reporting and Analytics Forum can be accessed HERE.

Also, you can find further information regarding the database tables and fields available within Analytics, in the Data Dictionary for the version of the application that you are currently using. Please see Answer ID 1350: Accessing Oracle B2C Service manuals, release notes, online help and update documentation, for more information regarding accessing RightNow manuals, release notes, and update documentation.

If you need further, more in-depth assistance, skilled consultants from Oracle Consulting can assist you with your custom reporting questions, or can build custom reports for you. For additional information, refer to Oracle Consulting options.