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Columns added to report do not show up in report output
Answer ID 4578   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

I added new columns to a report but when I run this report, why don't the new columns show up?




If you add new columns to a report and they do not appear in the report output, check to see if your report contains a Cross Tab.  If a Cross Tab is in place on your report, any new column you add to the report will not appear in the report output until you add the specific column to the Cross Tab. 

To add columns to a Cross Tab, please take the following steps;

1. Open the report in 'Edit' mode

2. Click the 'Display' tab in the ribbon

3. Click the 'Cross tab' button in the ribbon

4. Select 'Choose Columns'

5. Within the 'Available Columns' in the Cross Tab window, click to highlight the appropriate column and click the right arrow to either add it as a Row Field or Column Field

6. Click 'OK' and save the report

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