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How to check utility status for my site (i.e. Techmail)
Answer ID 4551   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Am I able to check my own utilities to see if there are any errors?




For you to check the status of a utility, depending on your privileges - you can look at the last run logs from your account on the Oracle B2C Service site.
    1.  Login into the Oracle B2C Service site (
    2.  In the upper right area locate the link "My Site Tools" and click. 
    3.  You will need to Login again as this is a different area of the product.
    4.  Under Hosting Services, select Utility Stats.
    5.  Under the site-name -> interface name, select the utility you wish to check.

Under 'Message' it should indicate "No problems encountered" or "OK: no error" indicating the utility is enabled and running without error.  If the Message indicates "Interface is in no-utils", the utility is disabled.  If there is an Exit Code other than 0 and no Message, then there is an issue and the utility may auto-disable according to server rules set into place by the Oracle B2C Service - Cloud Opertions team.

This information can be especially useful when troubleshooting email issues, as the techmail last run can show error messages related to mailbox connections, for example; NO PASS which means that the password configuration for the mailbox is incorrect.

For more information on various utility messages, refer to Answer ID 1067: Techmail messages in the Utility Stats page.

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