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Using a question more than once in survey
Answer ID 4549   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

I have added a question to a survey on several different pages.  Why do I only see one answer for each person in my reports?


Surveys, All versions


Create a separate question in the Oracle B2C Service console for each page in your survey.  The questions can have the same text but reporting will show each individual answer and the question ID can be used to determine which page the answer is associated to.


Oracle B2C Service tracks a question response and associates it to the survey but there is no association to the page of the survey.  When the customer fills out a question, the product will see if the customer already answered the question.  If they did, the new answer will replace the old.  The product acts as if the customer filled out the question and used the back button to go back and change their answer.

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