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HTTPS on live chat
Answer ID 4525   |   Last Review Date 10/30/2018

Why isn't chat using a secure HTTPS URL?


Chat, End-User pages


Chat will use a secure SSL connection as long as end-user SSL is enabled. End-user SSL is enabled by default for Oracle B2C Service as of version May 2016. If you have upgraded from a prior version where end-user SSL was disabled or if end-user SSL was disabled for any other reason, the chat service will not use a secure connection.

You can request that SSL be enabled for your end-user pages by submitting a service request via Ask Technical Support.  Please include the site name and the interface name where end-user SSL should be enabled. For each interface where SSL is enabled, the chat service will use a secure HTTPS URL.

Please note that enabling the end-user SSL feature will affect all end-user pages for the interface where SSL is enabled. SSL cannot be enabled for Chat pages only.

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