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Modifying the search filters in a report
Answer ID 4483   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How do I modify the search filters in a report?


Analytics, Report Filters
Oracle B2C Service


The fields included in the "Search" pop-up window of reports are defined as run-time filters.  There are a few different options when editing filters within a report.

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 1. Adding or removing run-time filters 

The "Make this filter selectable at run time" can be enabled or disabled for any filter.

These filters can be edited by performing the following:

  1. Go to:  Analytics --> Reports Explorer
  2. Right-click the report and choose Edit
  3. In the Home tab of the Ribbon, select Filters
  4. To make a filter a run-time filter, double click the desired filter to Edit it
  5. In the Edit Filter pop-up window, select the checkbox next to "Make this filter selectable at run time" Click OK

    Run Time Filter > Edit Filter window > checkbox for Make this filter selectable at run time

  6. Save the report

 2. Creating or deleting filters

Similarly, you can add filters, delete filters, etc by using the Actions in the "Edit Logical Expression" window.

Edit Logical Expression > Actions > Add Filter 

  3. Arrange run-time filters

Lastly, to arrange the filters display of the filters in the "Search" pop-up window, perform the following:

  1. Open the report in Edit mode
  2. From the Home ribbon, select Filters
  3. From the Actions section, select "Search Designer"

    Filters > Edit Logical Expression window > click Search Designer

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  4. From the Seach Design window you can:
    1. Resize the window itself
    2. Resize each filter
    3. Drag and drop to re-arrange each filter in the order you want it to appear
  5. Click 'Set as Default Layout for All Users' and then OK
  6. Save the report 

Additional options for adjusting run-time filters is available in Answer ID 8042: Arrange run-time filters in Search pop-up