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Text and HTML Rendering in Chat Transcripts
Answer ID 4391   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

Why do I see <as-html>, <in-html>, or html character codes (e.g. &#46;) in chat transcripts?


Text or HTML text rendering in Chat
Oracle B2C Service, All supported versions


Starting in version November 2011 changes were made to the agent chat console.  Options are now available to include text in a chat session rendered either as HTML or as plain text.  

The agent can enter text into the Compose window and select either "Render as HTML" or "Leave as plain text".  

When the "Render as HTML" option is checked, the agent can format text with HTML tags and add hyperlinks.  

With the "Leave as plain text" option checked, the agent can enter HTML tags that can be viewed by the customer such as "<b>".

Using these options also changes the text in chat transcripts which may appear in reports.

When a chat transcript is included as part of an incident the tags "<as-html>" will appear in the transcript when viewed by the agent. When a chat transcript is viewed in a report, such as All Chats, both tags "<in-html>" will appear when "Render as HTML" is checked and codes for HTML reserved  and symbol characters such as "<" will appear as "&#60;" when "Leave as plain text" is checked.

Inclusion of these characters in the transcript is intended and there are no settings to prevent them from appearing.