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Rollback (Abandon) and Restore options in Rules
Answer ID 4231   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

I made a mistake with my rules. Is there a way to undo my last changes?


Business Rules
Oracle B2C Service, all versions


If you have made a mistake with your rules, you can revert back to the previously active version of rules.

If you have edited the rules incorrectly but have not yet deployed (activated) the rules, you can use the Rollback button (next to the Deploy button). The Rollback button clears out the current edit version of rules and puts a copy of the active rules in it's place. This will effectively get rid of any changes that you have made to edit rules since the last deploy. NOTE: The name of the button in Legacy rules is "Abandon". 

Legacy rules also include a Restore option. If you have edited the rules incorrectly and activated the bad set of rules, you can use the Restore button (found in the bottom of the Browse Incident Rules panel when the active rules are open and no individual rule is open). A copy of the version of rules that was active before the currently active rules will be placed in the edit rules. You will have the option to make changes before activating the rules.

For example, suppose that Annie Administrator is told to create a rule that assigns all incidents regarding software to Sam and all incidents regarding hardware to Hank. She accidentally creates a series of rules to assign hardware incidents to Sam. Before activating, she notices the problem. The changes were so large that it would be easier to start over from scratch. So she hits the rollback button and the edit rules reset to where they were when she last deployed rules.

A few days later the rules are ready and Annie activates them. Everything appears to be working correctly. Suddenly she gets a call - there was a miscommunication, and no rules are needed to route software issues to Sam and hardware issues to Hank. In fact, the rules need to be disabled immediately. So Annie opens the active rules and uses the restore button. This takes the set of rules that was active before she added the routing rules and turns them into the edit rules. She reviews the edit rules and verifies that everything is correct, and then activates them.

Please note, that we keep three sets of rules available to facilitate easy fallback: the Edit rules, the Active rules and the Archive rules. The Archive rules are the rules that were active just before the currently active set of rules. We only keep the most recent set of Archive rules, so you cannot fall back further that the rules that were active prior to that.

For additional information, refer to the Business Rules Overview section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.